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Celebrate a Royal Christmas with Queens…

At Queens we love Christmas, it’s our favourite time of the year! Because we want all our guests to feel as joyful and festive as we do this Christmas season, we have decorated Queens with a Christmas tree and stockings. It Is our goal to ensure all our guests are pampered and treated like royalty this holiday season.

Celebrate your Christmas with our loyalty membership programme

Given Christmas is the season of giving, we have a lot of offers available. Pamper yourself with the Queens Loyalty Membership Programme and enjoy a whole year of unlimited services, allowing you to start the new year the right way. There are four gemstone memberships to choose from – Amber, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond.

Get 1 year unlimited services for you, your Little Princess and your family along with additional benefits ranging from complimentary facials and massages to dinner and Bubbly and much more

Treat your loved ones to Queen’s gifts cards available and redeemable at Queens Beauty Lounge

Or Treat yourself to one of our privilege packages (available to visitors only)

May your nails be Merry and Bright
Make your nails stand out this Christmas and choose from our wide range of Christmas inspired nail art this season. Christmas only happens once a year and that’s why Queens have created special nail art designs that will make a statement this holiday.

Xmas Glam

Creating the perfect Christmas look!

Winter Make up Trends

Winged Eye liner

Winged eye liner has been a makeup staple throughout the decades and is a popular trend to this day. It goes so far back that even Cleopatra rocked the cat eye. Winged eye liner is a great way to accentuate your eyes and make them appear bigger. This trend is perfect for this holiday season.

Steps to creating the perfect wing

  • Using your liquid/gel eyeliner draw an upwards sloping diagonal line from your lower lash line towards the end of your brow. Tip: Tape can be placed at the corner of both of your eyes prior to avoid mistakes and ensure both wings are identical.
  • Draw a connecting line from the outside of the line straight towards the middle of your upper lash line creating a triangle.Tip: Don’t start the line leading to the middle of your upper lash line from the very end of the line you created in step one, start the line a bit lower than the end so the wing remains pointy creating a more cat-like look.
  • Fill the triangle you created on the outer corner of your eye in with eye liner/gel
  • Make sure the eyeliner from the upper lash line and the wing are connected cohesively.


For winter, this look can be intensified with a brown smoky eye and a set of volumizing false lashes creating a feminine and sultry look.

Creating the perfect pout

Red Lips is a must this Christmas Season

If you have fair skin opt for a rich cherry red, this will add warmth to your complexion however, if you have a medium skin tone, vibrant reds will work best as it’ll help enhance your warm sunny tones. You could also switch it up with a black-berry/deep purple red. For dark skin tones, a true red or a red with orange undertones will work best.

Pair your red lip with a brown smoky eye and eye lash extensions to create the perfect look.

Queens Xmas Hair Trends


Get in the festive mood this Christmas and try our ‘Cool Colours’ available in a wide range of shades such as teal, pink and white. Be the life of the party with this festive hair trend. This look has been seen on various celebrities this past year such as Kylie Jenner and Hillary Duff and is growing in popularity.

All ‘Cool Colours’ are semi-permanent and last up to 2 months.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from Queens Beauty Lounge!


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