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Go Natural……Go Silky

There are few common problem Dubai girls face due to life style, work pressure and hectic life style-

1. How do you solve frizzy hair problems?

There are many way to get about controlling or solving frizzy hair problem. But it is very necessary that one seeks professional help. We also need to understand the cause of the frizz as it can be a result of chemically treating ones hair (color, keratin, rebonding) or someone who has naturally has frizzy hair. At Queens Beauty Lounge, we offer the Hot Oil Treatment for all major hair problems. L’Oreal healing therapy and L’Oreal expert therapy, where we can personalize the treatment according to the clients need. A homecare line is a must. With one using the right shampoo and conditioner and an anti-frizz cream or spray depending of the texture (coarse, medium or fine hair) they will surely feel a difference .L’Oreal tecni art anti fix spray with its ionic neutralizing system which is anti-static and no weight is an excellent product that one can carry along with them and spray whenever they need without worrying about weighing down of the hair.

2. What kind of treatments can they do at home to keep their hair healthy?

The basic hair care regime that one can follow at home is the oil treatment. And to buy products from a professional that can help them in their day to day care routine.

3. What tips can you give for your clients to avoid damage to their hair in general?

With the kind of weather in the Middle East, the humidity levels can rise drastically and one needs to be prepared. Over combing of the hair, rubbing the towel vigorously against ones hair can also cause damage-split ends. For brides with natural curls they can remove the knots by applying conditioner and them combing the hair and then rinse off the conditioner and not comb thereafter as it will increase the fizziness. Then they can apply the anti-frizz cream and scrunch dry.

Solution- Hot Oil Treatment

Hot Oil Treatment – Hot oil treatments help to nourish the follicles, soothe scalp issues such as flakes and dandruff. A hot oil treatment temporarily mends split ends, prevents breakage, and adds shine to the hair. Massaging the scalp with warm oils helps to stimulate blood flow which in turn helps to carry vitamins and nutrients to the follicles. Regular use of hot oil treatments will stimulate growth and thicken the hair.


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