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Queens Suggests : Try TRÉSIND Iftar & Suhoor

Enjoy a sumptuous feast with friends and family as the professional culinary team prepares a menu that is inspired from traditional Arabic staples, served during this festive month. Whilst the menu will continue to embrace signature dishes, Chef Himanshu Saini and team will present brand new concept of a sit-down buffet dinner, presenting dishes that are true synonyms for Ramadan celebration in the Middle East.

Known for the unique infusion of molecular gastronomy, the Ramadan special dishes will take forth Trésind’s concept of taking traditional flavours and presenting them in a modern manner. To mark a different experience this year, guests can gorge on a selection of traditional dishes like roast lamb shank biryani to lamb nihari or roast lamb chops to roasted duck and much more. The new menu aims to showcase what Islamic culture has contributed to the gastronomic scenario of the world. To enjoy every bit of these mouth-watering delicacies, the restaurant will be open from Iftar till Suhoor.

To further celebrate the occasion, the dining space would be open for lunch with a dedicated section that is covered, respecting the fasting residents of Dubai.

Nestled in the heart of Sheikh Zayed Road in Nassima Royal Hotel, Tresind is ideal for all those who wish to indulge in a scrumptious meal in a comfortable and relaxed ambience. Diners can enjoy the dramatic interior studded with warm lights, which is an eclectic combination of classic and contemporary design. Further added by the brand’s everlasting quest for beauty and edgy expression is reflected through the exquisite food presentation, keeping with the lavish setting, is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste buds.


Ramadan menu @ AED 200 available till 3.00 am

Amuse bouche


Date candy

Saffron and almond milk

Meat fruit

Steamed edamame, wild zaatar

Fruit jar

Salad of the day

Choice of Biryani with Raita

Lamb shank

Baby chicken

Wagyu tenderloin


Fillet o fish

Tiger prawn

Choice of Curry with Bread

Butter chicken

Lamb nihari

Goan Beef curry

Venison – laal maas

Malabar prawn curry

Red mullet rasam curry

Choice of Roast Tajine

Roast chicken

Roast lamb chops

Roast duck

Roast beef

Baked sea bass

Tandoori prawns

Choice of Sides

Corn on the cob

Burnt butter couscous

Mongolian beef

Creamed mushrooms

Tempura chili

Lamb kofta

chicken keema, Green chili zhug



All Week

Lunch (12:00pm – 3:30pm) & Dinner (6:30pm – 3:00am)

For reservations or for more information, please or email:-


Tresind, a modern Indian fine-dining restaurant

Modern Indian

IFTAR & SUHOOR Choicest selection of biryanis, curries and traditional tajines

6:30 PM TO 3:00AM

2nd floor, Nassima Royal Hotel – Sheikh Zayed Road

043080440/ 0564209754

200 AED per person all taxes included

Yes, recommended



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